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Road Map To Heaven: Photographs By Linda Bruckheimer At Frazier History Museum In Louisville, Kentucky

Road Map To Heaven: Photographs by Linda Bruckheimer at Frazier History Museum in Louisville, Kentucky

January 22 – April 14, 2019

The advent of interstates in the 1920’s revolutionized life in the United States, shattering barriers and strengthening ties. Highways like Route 66, which runs from the shores of Lake Michigan to the Santa Monica Pier, signaled the dawn of a new era in which millions could travel great distances with ease or move far away and start life anew. And a slew of odd little shops, motels and roadside attractions emerged in the hundreds of tiny towns situated along these superhighways.

In her new solo exhibition entitled Road Map to Heaven, acclaimed photographer and native Kentuckian Linda Bruckheimer explores the federal highway system and its enduring legacy in American life. Featuring photographs of sites from Michigan to California, Arizona to Georgia, and a dozen states in between, Road Map to Heaven pays homage to the journey Linda’s family took in the 1950’s when relocating from Louisville to the Golden State — an experience that fueled her lifelong passion for road trips.

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