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2005: The Guyanese Wanderer

stories by Jan Carew

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“This is a stunning collection. Mesmerizing. Carew’s foreshadowing is so deft, so subtle, we begin to ache before we should. We swat swamp mosquitoes as we sit around the smoke-fire with granite-faced Doorne and his sons, sensing peril. and we understand seduction before we are drawn into it. Carew’s eloquence is irresistible; his ear for retrieving language so precise, so respectful, we nod comfortably at old friends. Nuh? This experience under a full Guyanese moon is exquisite; is memory recovered. As a matter of fact, Carew transcends academics or mere creativity when he does the impossible: returns to the past with us as tagalongs.”
—Mari Evans, author of Continuum and Clarity: (A Poet’s Perspective)

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